Restorative Dentistry

Optimum Dental Restoratif Diş Hekimliği Aydın

Restorative dental treatment; It is the branch of dentistry that repairs the residual hard tissue left on the tooth after caries and trauma, and provides the reestablishing of aesthetics and function. In this field, treatments to remove discoloring and crowding of the teeth, change elements that disrupt the symmetry of the teeth and change and arrange the form and shape are performed. For an aesthetic smile, teeth, gingivas, lips and jaws should be treated in harmony.


Restorative Dental Treatments

To whom can restorative dental treatment be applied?

Patients of all ages are suitable for restorative dental treatment.

Restorative Dentistry Aydın


Smile Design

Is bleaching a harmful process?

If bleaching is performed under dentist control, there is no permanent damage to the teeth. However, uncontrolled use of the products sold in the markets can cause permanent damage.

Aydın Bleaching

What is smile design?

It is a natural desire of everyone to have a smile consisting of white, symmetrical and healthy teeth that make a good impression on people . Smile design is based on many scientific and artistic rules. These rules are derived from data collected from the patient during the examination, diagnostic models and scientific measurements. During smile design, teeth, muscles, joints, bones and gingival tissues should be in a harmonious relationship with each other. Since the smile concerns so many different tissues, a multidisciplinary approach is required for an ideal smile.

Aydın Smile Design


Composite Fillings

What should be considered after composite filling?

Oral hygiene should be taken care of so that recurrent caries does not develop under the filling. If the filling breaks or falls off, a dentist should be consulted without delay.

Composite Filling Aydın

What are the risks that can be encountered after composite filling?

Temporary hypersensitivity may occur after treatment. Depending on the use of tea, coffee, and cigarettes, there may be discoloration in the composite filling. Discoloring can be removed by polishing applied to the filling.

Composite Filling Aydın


Capping Treatment

What are the things to be considered direct and indirect pulp capping after treatment?

Hypersensitivity may continue for 2-3 weeks after the pulp capping treatment. If the temporary filling breaks or falls off, a dentist should be consulted.

Aydın Capping Treatment

What are the risks that can be encountered after pulp capping treatment?

The success of the treatment depends on the healing ability of the tooth and the patient’s hygiene habits. In the presence of persistent severe pain in the tooth, root canal treatment may be required.

Aydın Capping Treatment


Hygiene and Health

As part of the fight against Corona Virus, the common areas of Aydın Optimum Dental Oral and Dental Health Center are regularly disinfected.

Computer Imaging

Aydın Optimum Dental Oral and Dental Health Center follows all the developments in the sector and uses latest technology opportunities in diagnosis and dental treatments .


Dental treatments with sedation gives an opportunity of treating more than one tooth at the same session, with an advantage of comfortable and stress-free treatment for adults and children with dentistry phobia. In addition, it provides a comfortable working environment for your dentist as it eliminates the sudden movements of the patients and the feeling of nausea.

Operating Room with Latest Technology

In our full-fledged operating room, implant and other dental surgeries are performed under sedation and general anesthesia in children and adults who are afraid of dentists, who are mentally and/or physically disabled, who have sendroms and gag reflex.