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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with skeletal and dental disorders. Orthodontic treatments aim to correct relationship between jaws and teeth and maintain a good smile, aesthetics and function.

Today, orthodontic treatment can be performed at any age. However, the treatment options for anomalies detected at an early age are much wider and the treatment period is shorter. For this reason, it is recommended that your child should have a first orthodontic examination at the age of 6-7 years.

Within the field of orthodontic treatments, preventive treatments, correction of localized problems with simple removable appliances at an early age, correction of anomalies with habit-breakers (such as thumb sucking, long-term use of pacifier), myofunctional treatments (correction of jaw relations with removable appliances), fixed treatment with bracket system and aligner applications. In addition, orthognathic surgical procedures (lower / upper jaw advancement / regression, upper jaw expansion) are performed to correct jaw relations in individuals who have passed the growth and development period and have skeletal anomalies.


Orthodontic Treatment

What Is the Suitable Age for an Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment can be performed at any age. However, since it is possible to direct the growth in the desired direction in patients with skeletal anomalies in the growth and development period, a wider treatment option is available in this period. In adult patients, since there is no growth to be directed, only orthognathic surgery remains for the treatment of skeletal disorders. Dental anomalies can be corrected at any age.

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What Causes Orthodontic Problems?

Orthodontic problems have factors such as genetic, congenital, environmental and habitual factors (finger sucking, tongue thrusting).

Orthodontist Aydın

Can Adults Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment can be performed to adults just like pediatric patients. The increase in orthodontic treatment alternatives has led to an increase in the number of adult patients receiving orthodontic treatment today.

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How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

Duration of an orthodontic treatment depends on the complexity and components of the anomaly. It can be said that an orthodontic treatment lasts about 2 years.

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Dental Braces​

Is There Any Pain While Wearing Braces?

Bonding braces on the teeth is not a painful procedure. The patient may feel pressure, tension and hypersensitivity during a short adaptation period after braces are placed.

Aydın Orthodontic Braces

Do Braces Cause Tooth Decay?

As long as oral hygiene is maintained, braces do not cause tooth decay.

Aydın Orthodontic Braces

What Will Happen After Braces are Placed?

Force is applied to the teeth by braces and arch wires. With periodic controls, dental disorders are treated.

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What is a Clear Aligner Treatment?

Ortodontics with Aligners is an orthodontic treatment method developed as an alternative to the bracket and wire system. In this type of treatment, the patient is treated with the help of aligners that can be worned and taken off by the patient itself.

Orthodontic Aydın Clear Aligners

What are the Differences Between Aligners and Braces?

The braces are fixed in the mouth, the patient cannot put them on or off. But the patient can put on and take off the aligners. It is difficult to notice from the outside. Since it can be placed and removed, the patient can take off the aligner and brush his/her teeth comfortably. Therefore, aligners are more hygienic than braces.

Orthodontic Aydın Clear Aligners

How Often Should the Aligner be Changed?

Current aligner is replaced by another one in every 2 weeks on average.

Orthodontic Aydın Aligners

How Long Should We Use Aligners?

Although duration of a clear aligner treatment varies according to the complexity of the treatment, it takes an average of 2 years.

Orthodontic Aydın Clear Aligners


Hygiene and Health

As part of the fight against Corona Virus, the common areas of Aydın Optimum Dental Oral and Dental Health Center are regularly disinfected.

Computer Imaging

Aydın Optimum Dental Oral and Dental Health Center follows all the developments in the sector and uses latest technology opportunities in diagnosis and dental treatments .


Dental treatments with sedation gives an opportunity of treating more than one tooth at the same session, with an advantage of comfortable and stress-free treatment for adults and children with dentistry phobia. In addition, it provides a comfortable working environment for your dentist as it eliminates the sudden movements of the patients and the feeling of nausea.

Operating Room with Latest Technology

In our full-fledged operating room, implant and other dental surgeries are performed under sedation and general anesthesia in children and adults who are afraid of dentists, who are mentally and/or physically disabled, who have sendroms and gag reflex.