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Endodontics; It is a branch of dentistry that provides the treatment of teeth whose pulp (tissue containing the nerves and vessels of the tooth) has been exposed or infected due to caries and trauma. Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment); It is the process of removing the pulp from the root canals, disinfecting the root canals and then filling the prepared root canals.

Toothache, dental abscesses, traumatized teeth, tooth discoloration are treated within the field of endodontics. In the past painful and infected teeth were used to be extracted, but today such teeth are treated and they continue to function in the mouth.


Root Canal Treatment

What are the conditions that cause root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment; It is performed due to damage to the pulp tissue, which contains vital tissues such as veins and nerves, which provide the nutrition and vitality of the teeth. This damage is usually caused by bruises and trauma.

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What kind of procedures are performed in the practice of endodontics?

Root canal treatment, retreatment, vital pulp treatment, endodontic surgery, regenerative endodontic treatments and bleaching procedures can be mentioned about among endodontic treatments.

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Will my root canal treatment be completed in one single visit?

Endodontic treatments can be completed in a single visit or more than one visit, depending on the condition of the tooth to be treated. More than one visit is needed as medicament may be required to be placed in the canal in inflamed and/or severly infected teeth.

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How long is lifetime of the tooth treated with root canal?

After properly performed root canal treatment, a properly restored tooth will continue to function in the mouth for many years. In addition, for the lifetime of the tooth it is important not to miss the control visits that should be done in every 6 months.

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Root Canal Treatment

Does root canal treatment fail?

Re-infection of the tooth which underwent root canal treatment may occur due to reasons such as trauma, fracture or crack formation. It also may occur due to fracture in the dental restoration, decay of the tooth originating from another point. In such a case, if the tooth is suitable for retreatment, the root canal treatment can be repeated and surgical interventions can also be performed.

Aydın Endodontic Root Canal Treatment

Will I feel pain after root canal treatment?

It is normal to have pain in the related area after root canal treatment, and to have hipersensitivity in the treated tooth while masticating. In some cases, although rare, swelling may occur after treatment. In such a case, you should consult your doctor.

Aydın Endodontic Root Canal Treatment

How long should I wait for restoration after root canal treatment?

Restoration of the tooth on which root canal treatment performed, can be done immediately.

Aydın Endodontic Root Canal Treatment


Hygiene and Health

As part of the fight against Corona Virus, the common areas of Aydın Optimum Dental Oral and Dental Health Center are regularly disinfected.

Computer Imaging

Aydın Optimum Dental Oral and Dental Health Center follows all the developments in the sector and uses latest technology opportunities in diagnosis and dental treatments .


Dental treatments with sedation gives an opportunity of treating more than one tooth at the same session, with an advantage of comfortable and stress-free treatment for adults and children with dentistry phobia. In addition, it provides a comfortable working environment for your dentist as it eliminates the sudden movements of the patients and the feeling of nausea.

Operating Room with Latest Technology

In our full-fledged operating room, implant and other dental surgeries are performed under sedation and general anesthesia in children and adults who are afraid of dentists, who are mentally and/or physically disabled, who have sendroms and gag reflex.