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About Us

Optimum Dental Oral and Dental Health Center was opened in Efeler district in 2021 as Aydın’s first private oral and dental health center. Our center provides services in all branches of dentistry such as pedodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, prosthesis and surgery with specialist dentists. Children who do not allow dental treatment have an opportunity to be treated with the presence of an anesthesiologist in the sedation and general anesthesia unit of the center. By this procedure, all treatments of pediatric patients who do not allow treatment are performed in a single session, without causing any trauma. This provides serious comfort for the patient and the parents. Likewise, adults who are afraid of dental treatment, who are disabled and who have syndromes are also treated with this method. In addition, larger jaw surgeries such as jaw expansion or cyst operations can be performed under general anesthesia. In the center, which welcomes the patients in a warm and stylish atmosphere, all expectations such as health and aesthetics are tried to be met with the support of the latest dental equipments.

Operating Room with Latest Technology

In our full-fledged operating room, implant and other dental surgeries are performed under sedation and general anesthesia in children and adults who are afraid of dentists, who are mentally and/or physically disabled, who have sendroms and gag reflex.

Computer Imaging

Aydın Optimum Dental Oral and Dental Health Center follows all the developments in the sector and uses latest technology opportunities in diagnosis and dental treatments.


Dental treatments with sedation gives an opportunity of treating more than one tooth at the same session, with an advantage of comfortable and stress-free treatment for adults and children with dentist phobia. In addition, it provides a comfortable working environment for your dentist as it eliminates the sudden movements of the patients and the feeling of nausea.

Hygiene and Health

Within the scope of combating the Corona Virus, the physician rooms of Aydın Optimum Dental Oral and Dental Health Center and the devices used by the physicians are regularly disinfected. In addition, common areas are regularly disinfected.

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Fearless Treatment with Sedation

Sedation is a method used in dental treatments, applied by an anesthesiologist in the operating room of Optimum Dental Oral and Dental Health Center. Sedation is not general anaesthesia. It is a deep sleep created by drugs prepared by an anesthesiologist. In this method, the patient can perform his own breathing. In addition, sedation is generally used in patients in the younger age group and patients with dentist phobia since it provides a much more comfortable, painless and atraumatic treatment.

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